“Their experience collaborating together…results in a near-expert comedic formula…”
-The Tangled Web on TEACHERS
“…[I]mpeccable casting…They share their screen time with the grace of comic queens…Each sketch is stand alone funny [with] an appropriately hysterical character arc for each teacher…”
-The Tangled Web on TEACHERS
“…[A] magnificent web series…What makes this series stand out is… the beautiful, realistic yet comedically-heightened acting from the six lead women.”
-The Tangled Web on TEACHERS
"...[S]ome of the best improvisers in the city."
-TimeOut Chicago
"...[E]xceptionally funny. Imagine if the characters in Bridesmaids suddenly had to start teaching, and you're there...Hailing from Chicago, the six ladies...are some of the biggest up and comers in comedy you can expect big things from them in the years to come."
"The Katydids deliver a whirlwind of inspired humor that's by turns playful, dry, and silly...Group cohesion is strong--the unexpected choices [T]he Katydids make reveal ease and confidence. They seem to enjoy their choices as much as the audience does, and it's hard not to be completely charmed by that."
- Brian Costello, Chicago Reader
"...[L]ively, original fun from start to finish."
- Melissa Oberlander, Chicago Reader
"[S]harp and disciplined."
- Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune
- Mark Konkol, Chicago Sun Times
"...[A] lively group of women...With spunky and hilarious scenes about many aspects of life…these girls will keep you laughing throughout the entire show."
- Chicago Art Machine
"Like the power clique that Winona Ryder and Christian Bale set out to kill in...Heathers, The Katydids all share the same first name...But unlike the fictional prima donnas...The Katydids are hot chicks you won't want to murder. [Their show] strong from start to finish...[and] as fresh as The Katydids' attitudes."
- Homer Marrs, TimeOut Chicago
"The amount of raw talent that these hilarious women exude is...phenomenal..."
- Brittany Ashley, Chicago Flame